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Must See Places When You’re in Singapore

Interestingly, Singapore is, in fact, one of the most enjoyable cities in Southeast Asia and arguably in the World.

Famous for having a clean and green environment, the country is rumored to be “blandly efficient and safe, a boringly tasteless, disciplinarian and unadventurous place where citizens are robbed of their cherished freedom to spit on the street and chew gum” — this is utter nonsense.

Tourist Attractions of Singapore

Few cities can boast Singapore’s fascinating ethnic brew. Where else in the world can you dip into the cultures of China, Indian and Muslim Malaysia all in one day, against a backdrop of ultra-modern Western commerce? Not only has Singapore’s history of migration left a rich cultural and architectural legacy that makes wandering the streets an absorbing delight, but it has also created one of the world’s greatest eating capitals. You don’t have to look far to find echoes of the island’s colorful, rakish past, or evidence of a thriving and creatively unfettered artistic community. Singapore’s soul is alive and well — and it is “Wonderfully Singapore”.

There are 58 smaller islands surrounding Singapore of which the most famous is Sentosa. This island is an attraction of Singapore and has museums, beaches, aquariums, camping sites and sports centres for tourists. There are lots of hostels and hotels that cater to your stay in Sentosa too.  Here is a look at Sentosa

Moreover, Singapore is not all about tourist attractions, shopping and food. Nor is the notion of Singapore as completely urbanized anything more than popular myth. Adventure activities include diving with sharks at Underwater World on Sentosa, mountain biking around Bukit Timah, leopard-spotting at the Singapore Zoo’s magical Night Safari, water skiing on the Kallang River, Go-Karting and Rock Climbing. And if you want to retreat from civilization completely, the centre of the island retains large tracts of forest where the only sound you can hear is the monkeys swinging through the trees. In fact, Singapore is one of only two cities in the world that still retains a patch of the primary rain forest, in the form of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Food in Singapore

Food is the national obsession in Singapore — and it’s not difficult to see why. Sitting out under the stars at a bustling hawker centre with a few bottles of Tiger Beer and diving into an enormous array of Asian dishes is one of the iconic Singaporean experiences. Sambal Stingray, Char Kway Teow, Oyster Omelette, Chicken Rice, Clay-Pot Seafood, Fish Head Curry, Beef Rendang. And, of course, if your credit card hasn’t already taken a battering in the shops, the city’s Restaurants are some of the most stylish and innovative.

Shopping in Singapore

Shopping is what brought Singapore its fame. Everything can be bought here from electronic goods to clothes to herbal medicine. Orchard Road is the hub of activity of Singapore and is the best place for shopping addicts. You find the latest in the fashion world and are sure to enjoy yourself even just window shopping here. This is also the dining centre of Singapore where you can find international cuisine to tingle your taste buds.

If there’s one thing more stylish than the Bars and Restaurants, it’s the boutiques that have made Singapore the byword in Asia for extravagant Shopping. Away from the Gucci and Louis Vuitton onslaught of Orchard Road, however, there are bargains to be found on everything from clothes to electronics — and a range of art and antique shops that few Asian cities can match.

Life In Metropolitan Singapore

The city area of Singapore is made up of diverse cultural backgrounds. It is therefore understandable why many prefer living here.

The city area of Singapore is made up of diverse cultural backgrounds. This makes it a multi-ethnic area. The diversity and the luxurious lifestyle that it has to offer are some of the factors that make it enjoyable to live in and attractive to many. The majority groups here include Indians, Malay and Chinese. Even with the mix of cultures, the typical Singaporean society still remains. It is still very much Asian in the values and outlook. The citizens here place national good ahead of everything else. The same goes for respect for other individuals, reverence for the elders and family values.

The Peace of Singapore

Conflict is not encouraged in Singapore. The citizens prefer consensus over conflict. It is actually one of the cities where losing tempers is regarded as a weakness at a personal level. This has made it very possible and easy for the different religions, cultures and races to coexist pretty well in the city. The people are happy subordinates to social order and personal freedom as well as the economic prosperity of the nation. They therefore rarely engage in any form of conflicts. This is a city that also has an environment that is safe and pleasant. Visitors and expats are welcomed warmly so long as they respect the local customs.

Residential Areas in Singapore

The demand for residential rental properties is very high in Singapore. Even though the accommodation cannot be termed as cheap, it offers large spaces and quality for the tenants. On the south and west coasts, condominiums are being developed to accommodate the increasing demand. This is especially for the many visitors who eventually decide to settle in the city. The Island’s center, Tanglin, Orchard, Bukit Timah and Holland are some of the most attractive and popular residential areas. The central areas have good transport links and are near important facilities including international schools. City Gate is ideal for those who love living in the heart of the city.

Singapore Suburbs

They are most ideal for those people who love a lifestyle that is less hectic. They also do have a good city connection and public transport that’s made up of expressways. Katong village on East Coast is a popular area. The west coast is also a great suburb area for those wishing to be near industrial estates and the University among other areas.

Woodlands, a suburb in Northern Singapore, is in proximity to Malaysia. The lifestyle here is calmer and exemplary modern. It has huge public parkland areas, communal gardens and the town planning is just amazingly done. Most people here do not have to travel to the city on a daily basis unless they are going to work. This is because the area is complete with bars, restaurants, shopping areas and exciting nightlife. Its proximity to the Singapore American School makes it a tempting spot for US expats. The public transport network here is reliable and quality. It is therefore understandable why many prefer living here.